Our Leadership

Rev. Allen Grimes, Founder & Executive Director


Throughout his years of working with youth in Montgomery County, he saw

a lack of leadership among the young people he was serving. This led to his

investigation into the reasons why young people were socially deficient in certain

areas. In addition to his interaction with many youth in Montgomery County, MD.

Rev. Grimes utilized the study, “African-American and Latino Child Well-Being in Montgomery County: Indicators from the 2000 Census”. The Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families had presented this study which looked at data gathered from the 2000 Montgomery County Census concerning children in single-parent families, children living with neither parent, children in poverty, female-headed families with children in

poverty, and a host of other categories. Armed with the results of his personal interactions and by his research, Rev. Grimes was more convinced than ever that young people in Montgomery County needed a program with a life changing effect.